About Arowana Fish
Types of Asian Arowana

There are four naturally occurring color varieties for Asian Arowanas, namely Cross Back Golden from
West Malaysia, Super Red from Indonesia’s West Kalimantan, Red Tail Golden from Indonesia Pekan
Baru and the Green variety, which can be found in rivers of Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Thailand.
Due to its popularity and great demand, Asian Arowanas have been fiercely hunted in its native habitat,
hence the population of these fish in the wild have declined. This is especially so for Malaysian Golden
Arowanas and Red Arowanas, which had reached a stage of near extinction since the 1980s.


Golden Cross Back Arowana

Are also among the most expensive Arowanas around and are most sought after by many Chinese businessmen. This Arowana is believed to bring good health and prosperity to the owner, because of its beautiful gold colour which looks like gold bars. It has a gold colour that completely crosses its back when the fish is fully matured in the right conditions. Due to its relatively low supply and great demand in the market, it is currently one of the most expensive colour specimens for the Asian Arowana. The main reason for its high price is due to its scarcity as well as lesser number of fry on each spawn. Currently, only Malaysia and Singapore farms are breeding the
Malaysian Golden Arowana.


Super Red Arowana

Are by far the most popular among all the Asian Arowana. Its scales and fins are totally red in color.
There are also Blood Red and Chili Red Arowana. The Red Arowana is very popular among the Chinese
hobbyists and is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to the owner because of its close resemblance
to the Chinese dragon.


Red Tail Golden Arowana

Are common Asian Arowana. Their scales gradually become gold as they mature and the fins are red in colour. The red-tail golden will have red-coloured fins and tail with shiny body scales when matured. The prices for the Red Tail Golden are more affordable as compared to the Crossback Golden. The reasons for this is that this fish seldom attain 24K gold as the Golden Cross Back would and the golden colour of Red Tail Golden Arowana will never cross over its back even when the fish is matured or fully grown. Thus, it will never obtain the looks of a crossback golden. Most Red Tail Golden Arowana will have its golden colour reaching the fourth row of scales, whereas the higher graded ones will have it’s golden colour reaching the fifth row. Just like the Golden Cross Back varieties, Red Tail Golden also have different scales base colour in either blue, green and gold.


Green Arowana

Are considered the lowest grade of the Asian Arowana. Their scales are a silvery to white colour with slightly green fins. It still has the quality of a fine Arowana but due to its wide dispersion in the region, there can be differences in its appearance and colour. Most of the Green Arowana found in Asia have a greyish green body with a dark striped greyish green tail. Shape of this variety is a big difference as compared to other varieties with its head or mouth portion being larger and rounder.

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